To Those in the Know

I saw you all there with your weapons, coming to free the hostages those arseholes took. I should have known you weren't there to rescue me. Thanks for taking a pot shot at my arse the second after I escaped unspeakable torment.

I thought you were supposed to be the good guys, what the fuck is wrong with you!? Had you taken me off that fucking cross I would have been so grateful I never would have touched any of you again. At least this means I don't owe you shit.
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Evil Intent

Filtered to Deirdre, Peter, Spectre, David, Aly, Ethan and Kali

You wouldn't believe the sounds Thomas makes when you dig in to him. They're glorious. And I can do it for days because he just keeps indulging me by fixing himself right back up. He was so much trouble at first, but now he's just the best little toy. And he's mine. All I had to do was break him.

David, your wife complains a lot. How do I shut her up?
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I hope you die you stupid FUCKING WHORE!

I am going to kill that goddamn blonde bitch and everyone else you love!
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Not Amused

Filtered to Mal

I don't know if the baby died, but I put the bitch in the hospital. We. We did. Job well done.

Mal, Kali's boyfriend's been in hiding. Apparently he has a sociopathic homocidal sister. And I know where he's been hiding thanks to following a certin professor arsehole one day when he was delivering...something. If I could find this sister...name of Mia...I could give her the address and Kali would be short one boyfriend. Yet another untraceable thing. Now I just have to FIND her. She killed the annoying pregnant girl's sister in a park. Hmmm.

Any ideas?
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Half sick of shadows

Filtered to Mal

Mal, Look

I DID get to him. That's his sister and the guy that she's marrying too. Apparently Deirdre adores him. If I can pull this baby thing off it would take care of Deirdre, Kali and David in one go.

Not that I still won't try for Kali's boytoy.

Filtered to Mal

I had him and that bitch Kali ruined it.

I want to do something else. Something more. Something no one can ruin and something he won't fucking bounce back from.

His sister is pregnant...
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